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Week 3:

Residents brought creativity to life by customising their walking aids. The conservatory resonated with joyous melodies during Music Therapy, where old songs filled the air, contributing to a lively and uplifting atmosphere. Popular demand brought another round of Balloon Catch, adding smiles and laughter to the week.

January at Oakland Grange

As we stepped into the new year, January at Oakland Grange has been a month filled with lively events, creative expressions, and heart-warming celebrations.

Week 1:

The Grange buzzed with excitement as Leo, a professional mixologist and a resident’s grandson, transformed the conservatory into a lively bar. Residents were treated to a captivating display of cocktail-making skills, with Lily stealing the show by shaking up a Bailey-based drink. The crowd favourite, a blend of Baileys and Amaretto, brought joy to Winnie, Darlene, Peggy, Joyce, and Mavis.

Week 2:

Residents, led by Sam, embraced the intellectual side with January word searches and a general knowledge quiz. Bingo Bonanza transformed the atmosphere, filling the Grange with entertainment. We carried out homemade activities, accompanied by our fantastic staff team, creating memorable moments of fellowship and fun.


Week 4:

A heartfelt celebration marked Winnie’s incredible milestone of 95 years. Surrounded by family, she enjoyed a fantastic afternoon, complete with a delicious birthday cake. The week continued with an interactive journey through memories, allowing residents to share and reminisce about the wonderful moments from their travels. A classic game of Skittles capped off the month with laughter and cheers.

January at Oakland Grange has been a tapestry of shared experiences, laughter, and the warmth of community spirit.

Posted: 1st February 2024

Oakland Court – reflections of January

As we reflect on the month that passed at Oakland Court, let’s dive into the highlights of each week.

Week 1:

The week kicked off with a special performance from the amazing musical whiz, Janette! An engaging quiz brought smiles to everyone’s face. Matthew added to the musical magic with his fantastic singing and charming ukulele playing, filling the room with smiles, and the pure joy of music. To welcome the new year with creativity and joy, our residents gathered for an incredible Arts & Crafts activity, crafting unique 2024 crowns in an atmosphere of creative energy.

Week 2:

Residents engaged in a lively Balloon Volleyball activity, showcasing their skills and team spirit amid laughter and enjoyment. A special visitor, Alan, brought a sense of adventure to our care home, sharing captivating stories, histories, and origins behind bows and arrows. It was a fascinating journey through time, adding a unique touch to the week. The New Year party was a heart-warming gathering that truly set a positive tone for the year ahead.

Week 3:

Suzanne continued to spread happiness with her fantastic musical activity, creating precious and heart-warming memories. A brand-new arts & crafts activity, Scratch Art, took centre stage, as residents revealed vibrant colours beneath the strokes of a wooden pen.


Posted: 1st February 2024

Week 4:

We embraced creativity with a crafty day to celebrate the January birthdays of our cherished residents. Geoff Valenti enchanted us with a mesmerising trumpet performance, creating a musical ambience that added joy to our day. Staff and family members came together for a heart-warming surprise for Michael’s birthday, showcasing the warmth of our community.

Best wishes from our residents

Happy New Year from Oakland Care Group!

As we bid farewell to 2023 and eagerly welcome the dawn of a brand new year, we want to extend our warmest wishes to our incredible friends, residents, their cherished relatives, and our dedicated staff. May 2024 bring you abundant joy, good health, and countless blessings.

Throughout the past year, we have been privileged to serve and care for our wonderful residents, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our amazing staff. Their unwavering commitment, compassion, and tireless efforts have made a significant difference in the lives of those we serve. We are truly grateful for their exceptional care and support.

To our dear residents and their families, thank you for entrusting us with your care. Your determination and steadfastness inspire us every day. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the highest standard of care and creating cherished memories together in the year ahead.

To our incredible friends and supporters, thank you for being a part of our journey. Your encouragement and kind words have meant the world to us. We are committed to our mission of providing luxury residential care and making sure that all our residents feel cherished, comfortable, and loved.

As the new year dawns, let us celebrate the moments of joy and create lasting memories.

From all of us at Oakland Care Group, including our dedicated staff teams, we wish you a Happy New Year filled with love and laughter. May 2024 be a year of happiness and fulfilment for each and every one of you.

Posted 8th January 2024

Oakland Grange
featured in the Littlehampton Gazette!


View the full article on Sussex World here
Posted: 4th January 2024

Santa and his elf gave out presents to the children from River Beach Primary School
Santa and his elf gave out presents to the children from River Beach Primary School

Week 3:

The week began on a bittersweet note as the community bid a heartfelt farewell to Donna, extending warm wishes for her future journey. Laughter echoed through the home during singer auditions, where residents showcased diverse musical talents.

Posted: Monday 1st January 2024

Oakland Grange December 2023

As December unfolded at Oakland Grange, the air was infused with a blend of festive joy and heart-warming moments.

Week 1:

In the first week, Sam ignited excitement by introducing a new puzzle, capturing the immediate enthusiasm of puzzle enthusiast George. Festive fun abounded as residents engaged in a Christmas matching game and spirited rounds of cards, setting a joyous tone for the month. The advent calendar joy was experienced first-hand by Darlene and Florence, who were the first to unveil daily surprises, including a Free From treat for Florence. The month commenced with a cheerful afternoon, watching the classic “Miracle on 34th Street.”

Week 2:

There was a real spirit of community in Oakland Grange as Christmas cheer was spread through staff donations to the Littlehampton & District Foodbank. Festive delights continued with mince pie making, creating a merry atmosphere filled with joyful smiles. Special birthday wishes were extended to Joyce, celebrated with love and warm wishes from the entire community. The week culminated in a spectacular Christmas party, featuring Chef Mi’s feast and Tony’s musical talents, creating a magical celebration.

Week 4:

Creativity blossomed as residents crafted lovely flower arrangements, bringing the beauty of nature indoors. The Littlehampton Musical Comedy Society added joy with songs and Christmas carols, creating a lively atmosphere. Residents embraced the delights of ballroom dancing, showcasing their love for dance. Christmas Day celebrations were filled with gratitude for the dedicated staff, Santa (Robin), and his reindeer (Julie), who delivered presents that brought smiles and joy to every resident.

Oakland Court December 2023

December at Oakland Court brought a medley of festive celebrations and heartening connections, filling the air with the warmth of holiday joy.

Week 1:

The month commenced with heartfelt Happy Birthday wishes to our beloved Anne, celebrated with warmth and love. Janette’s musical melodies and a harmonious quiz added a delightful touch to our week. Residents also engaged in Christmas colouring and enjoyed a refreshing garden stroll. “Home Alone” filled our Film Friday, and GiGi’s decorative prowess brought three beautifully adorned Christmas trees to Oakland Court.

Week 2:

Residents embraced the festive spirit with Christmas vibes and lively decorations. An engaging Christmas anagrams challenge had everyone guessing Santa’s reindeer names, adding to the merriment.

Week 3:

Laughter and smiles filled the room as residents engaged in a delightful activity of decorating festive biscuits. Handmade Christmas cards brought an artistic touch to our home. Our talented activities coordinator, Chase, enchanted us with an acoustic guitar performance of classics which everyone enjoyed singing and tapping along to.

Week 4:

The incredibly talented singer, Nathan, treated us to a magical Christmas performance. Residents showcased their imaginative flair in a flower arranging activity. The culmination of the month was a joyful Christmas Day celebration, filled with happiness, warmth, and a gift exchange that marked a truly special moment.

December at Oakland Court unfolded with a mix of heart-warming activities that embraced the festive season, creating memories that will linger in the hearts of our Oakland Court family.

Posted: Monday 1st January 2024

Week 3:

Sam and Darlene embraced tranquillity with a picturesque walk around the beautiful garden. Birthday wishes were extended to Pat and Pam, who celebrated with joy and warmth. A delightful evening unfolded with a cheese and wine event, laughter echoing through a “Name that Christmas Film” quiz. Some residents enjoyed a delightful outing to Haskins, adding outdoor enjoyment to their week.

Oakland Grange November 2023

November at Oakland Grange was a month brimming with creativity and festivities.

Week 1:

Halloween spirit took over with active mornings and festive afternoons. Halloween-themed word searches brought delightful challenges in the morning, and an afternoon tea on Halloween day added sweetness to our spooky celebrations.

Residents rolled up their sleeves to design and carve pumpkins, setting the stage for Halloween magic. Trick-or-treating with imaginative costumes filled Halloween with joy and enthusiasm. The week wrapped up with an amazing turnout for skittles with Nick, creating moments of joy and friendly competition.

Week 2:

An extra dose of fun this week, with everyone excelling in our lively and entertaining game. Wordplay mornings revealed residents’ impressive word-finding skills, discovering 66 words related to “Remembrance.” Bingo excitement filled the air as residents tried their luck and enjoyed the thrill of the game. Residents chose to honour Remembrance Day with a solemn two-minute silence, participating in a poignant and heartfelt manner.

Week 4:

Sam and Darlene enjoyed a scenic stroll through our beautiful garden. Wishing Pat a joyous birthday and Pam a wonderful celebration, the Oakland Grange family extends heartfelt wishes for happiness. Residents delighted in an evening of cheese and wine, engaging in the “Name that Christmas Film” quiz while relishing scrumptious cheeses, biscuits, and grapes. The standout favourite was the Double Gloucester with onion and chive! Adding outdoor enjoyment to the week, some residents embarked on a delightful trip to Haskins.

Posted: Monday 4th December 2023

Oakland Court November 2023

November at Oakland Court unfolded with a mix of engaging activities and heart-warming moments.

Week 1:

The week at Oakland Court commenced with energising mornings led by Debbie, who guided us through invigorating Armchair Exercises. Alongside the upbeat start, we celebrated the birthdays of our beloved Betty and Ann, adding a delightful touch of joy to the atmosphere. Janette enchanted our mornings with musical magic and quizzes, fostering inclusive sing-alongs and friendly competition. The week concluded with a lively session of flower arranging, featuring new faces.

Week 2:

The second week brought unexpected joy as a simple request for a picture turned into a delightful, laughter-filled photo session with May and Marie. An outing to Chichester Cathedral created lasting memories as residents admired peace doves and indulged in a delightful afternoon tea. The week also included a touching tribute to the fallen, with residents crafting poppies using cupcake cases and lolly sticks.

Week 3:

Musical delight filled the third week as Janette brought melodies and a challenging musical quiz, sparking joy and friendly competition. Birthday wishes were extended to Muriel, contributing celebratory moments to the week. Embracing the holiday spirit, June and Maureen took on a Christmas puzzle challenge. The week wrapped up with a fun afternoon of spot-the-difference activities in the lounge, accompanied by delightful afternoon tea and cake.

Posted: Monday 4th December 2023

Week 4:

The Christmas spirit took centre stage in the fourth week at Oakland Court. Festivities kicked off with a lively “What Am I” Quiz, bringing laughter and friendly competition among residents. Afternoon tea and delightful cakes added sweetness to the week. The holiday cheer continued with a Christmas word search, uniting everyone in festive brain-teasing fun.

As we embrace the warmth and joy of the Christmas season, stay tuned for more festive moments at Oakland Court!

October at Oakland Grange was full of shared moments and vibrant activities. Thank you for making this month truly special. Here’s to another month of shared moments and cherished memories!

Posted: 30th October 2023

Oakland Grange October 2023


As October unfolded, Oakland Grange became a hub of warmth, joy, and togetherness. Here’s a glimpse of what made this month special:

Week 1 – Cherished Gatherings and Melodies:

We began the month with a heart-warming church service that united our community. Residents enjoyed the sunshine, taking in the beauty of the outdoors. Melodies filled the air thanks to Janette, and chair exercises with Debbie brought energy and vitality. ABBA’s tunes set the tone for a cheerful day.

Week 2 – Racing Thrills and Celebrations:

Week two brought the thrill of horse racing with Nick and creative autumnal decorations, adding a touch of autumn’s charm. We celebrated birthdays – Joyce and John, adding extra joy. A heartfelt thank you to Hawking About for an enriching bird encounter.

Week 3 – Games, Bingo, and Birthdays:

Games and bingo made week three lively, keeping the competitive spirit alive. We celebrated Irene’s birthday with love and affection, and creativity bloomed with cake decorating and Jeanette’s tunes.

Week 4 – Artistry and Achievements:

The week kicked off with artistic cake decorating. Jeanette’s music and quizzes added a delightful note. We shared our pride in the Social Care Leadership Awards for 2023. Fresh flowers, arranged by Sam and the residents, added elegance to our dining room.

Oakland Court October 2023

As October unfolded at Oakland Court, here’s a recap of the month’s events:

Week 1 – Joyful Tunes, Gardening Glory, and Mind Teasers:

The month began with Suzanne’s delightful morning tunes and dance, setting the tone for a lively day. Our Tuesday afternoon gardening club with Tony brought the beauty of vibrant flowers. We tested our wits with mind teasers and enjoyed Geoff Valenti’s musical magic. Macmillan Morning was heart-warming, and elegant ballroom dancers graced our afternoon.

Week 2 – Laughter and Enrichment:

Debbie led residents in laughter-filled armchair exercises, making fitness enjoyable. Janette’s old-time songs and quiz created excitement. Val’s birthday added happiness, and Hawking About brought enchantment with their birds.

Week 3 – Nostalgia and Nature:

Suzanne’s sing-along brought musical joy, and a word search added friendly competition. John celebrated his birthday with warmth. Tony’s gardening visit filled our hearts with anticipation. Marie’s Rummy tradition continued, and Regis Rhythms created a melodious ambience.

Week 4 – Blooming Gardens and Active Afternoons:

Our garden bloomed with Tony’s arrival, as residents joined in planting activities. We stayed active with Debbie’s lively armchair exercises, keeping our spirits high.

October at Oakland Court was a tapestry of lively moments, nature’s beauty, and the joy of shared activities.

Thank you for making this month truly special. Here’s to more laughter, learning, and cherished moments in the coming days!

Posted: 30th October 2023

Celebrating the results of the Social Care Leadership Awards 2023

We are delighted to share the outcomes of this year’s prestigious Social Care Leadership Awards with you all. While not all of our nominees took home top prizes, their successes highlight the exceptional leadership within our organisation.

Firstly, we congratulate our CEO Kevin Humphrys who was celebrated for his achievements by being named 7th in the top 10 of the Social Care Top 30 Leaders Award. Out of hundreds of nominations, Kevin’s visionary leadership earned him a place among some of the most respected names in UK social care. We are incredibly proud!

Although Kim Maw of Oakland Grange and Chris Barnes of Oakland Court were not crowned overall winners in their categories, being shortlisted as finalists itself is a remarkable achievement that underscores their commitment to excellence. Both Kim and Chris were recognised for redefining care delivery and creating caring, nurturing environments where residents and staff thrive.

While trophies and accolades are nice, the true rewards are seen every day – in the smiles of residents, the bond between staff, and the gratitude of families. Kim, Chris and Kevin have all made immeasurable positive impacts through their leadership, values and dedication. For that, we thank them.

We feel deeply proud that our organisation continues to lead by example and push boundaries in social care. Congratulations to all our nominees!

Posted: Saturday 14th October 2023

Social Care Leadership Awards Top 10 Countdown!

Swipe through some moments captured from the night of the social care leadership awards ceremony, that was enjoyed by all who attended in support of our hardworking nominees representing Oakland Care Group.

It was a privilege to join our peers from across the UK sector and learn from one another. A big thank you to all who voted – you made this night possible for us. Here’s to continuing our journey together towards elevating care standards.

Oakland Care Group Team
Oakland Care Group Team and guests with Naga Munchetty (BBC News Presenter)
Oakland Care Group Team and guests
Oakland Care Group Team and guests
Naga Munchetty (BBC News Presenter) leading a discussion
Naga Munchetty (BBC News Presenter) introducing the awards
Naga Munchetty (BBC News Presenter) introducing the awards
Chris Barnes and Kevin Humphrys

Oakland Grange Weekly Highlights

As another delightful week unfolds at Oakland Grange, we’re thrilled to share the vibrant moments that made it extraordinary:

An afternoon of horse racing with Nick brought excitement and cheers as residents engaged in the thrill of the races.

Creative energies flowed as residents spent the afternoon crafting beautiful fall decorations. Pumpkins and leaves now grace our spaces, adding a touch of seasonal charm.

Double birthday celebrations filled the air with joy as we wished the wonderful Joyce and John the happiest of birthdays!

A big thank you to Hawking About for a fascinating visit. Residents immersed themselves in learning about and observing the majestic birds, creating an enriching experience for all.

Gratitude to everyone who contributed to the warmth and vibrancy of this week at Oakland Grange. Here’s to more shared laughter and memorable moments in the week ahead!

Posted: Monday 9th October 2023

Weekly Highlights from Oakland Court

Last week at Oakland Court was filled with lively activities and heart-warming moments:

Armchair Exercises with Debbie: Laughter echoed through the halls as Debbie led residents in delightful armchair exercises. Fitness became fun, creating an energetic and enjoyable atmosphere!

Old-Time Songs and Quiz with Janette: Janette’s visit brought a nostalgic musical journey, accompanied by a brain-teasing quiz. Residents sang along, tested their knowledge, and had a blast!

Happy Birthday, Val! Warmest wishes and celebrations for Val’s special day. The joy of birthdays adds a touch of happiness to our community!

Enchanting Afternoon with Hawking About: A big thank you to Hawking About for a magical visit. Residents enjoyed up-close encounters with various birds, creating a memorable and enriching experience.

Gratitude to everyone who made this week at Oakland Court so engaging and joyful.

Posted: Monday 9th October 2023

Oakland Grange Weekly Highlights

Another wonderful week has unfolded at Oakland Grange, filled with shared joys and vibrant moments:

Our church service gathered a fabulous turnout, creating a warm and uplifting atmosphere.

Residents soaked up the sunshine, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors and basking in the glow of nature’s embrace.

Janette’s musical performance brought melodies that touched our hearts, making it a fantastic turnout and an afternoon filled with joy and harmony.

Chair exercises with Debbie saw an impressive gathering, with residents embracing the routines

The soundtrack of the day was set to the timeless tunes of ABBA, creating a cheerful and nostalgic ambiance that had everyone tapping their feet.

Gratitude to everyone who contributed to making this week so special at Oakland Grange.

Posted: Monday 2nd October 2023

Oakland Court Weekly Highlights

Another week of delightful moments has wrapped up at Oakland Court! Here’s a snapshot of the magic that filled our days:

Tuesday morning brought joyous tunes and dance with Suzanne, setting a lively tone for the day!

Our weekly gardening club with Tony on Tuesday afternoon was a blooming success, surrounded by vibrant colours and nature’s beauty.

Wednesday was all about brain teasers with Spot the Difference and a Quick Fire Quiz, challenging our minds in the morning. In the afternoon, Geoff Valenti’s musical melodies enchanted us all!

Friday marked Macmillan Morning, a heart-warming gathering. The afternoon was graced by elegant ballroom dancers, adding a touch of grace and joy to our day.

Each day was a treasure of shared experiences, laughter, and connection. Grateful for the wonderful moments together!

Posted: Saturday 30th September 2023

Oakland Grange Weekly Highlights

Another week of laughter, learning, and shared moments at Oakland Grange has come to a close. Here’s a glimpse of what made this week so special:

We kicked off the week with a stimulating general knowledge quiz, followed by a few spirited games of dominoes. Our residents’ knowledge and competitive spirit shone through!

Our first film evening was a roaring success! Popcorn, laughter, and the joy of reliving the movie magic made for a memorable evening.

The ballroom dancers brought elegance and grace to our community. Our residents had a blast watching and even tried a few dance moves themselves!

World Gratitude Day was a heartfelt celebration. We completed word searches and shared what we’re grateful for, adorning our gratitude tree with heartfelt tags.

The weekend saw the start of our Autumn celebrations with stunning pumpkin and leaf artwork created by residents and care staff.

Thank you to everyone who made this week at Oakland Grange so extraordinary. Here’s to more joyful moments and shared experiences in the coming week!

Posted Saturday 23rd September 2023

Oakland Court Weekly Wrap-Up

Another vibrant week has unfolded at Oakland Court, filled with laughter, learning, and special moments. Here’s a glimpse of what made our week so memorable:

Monday started with a burst of energy as Debbie led us in Armchair Exercises. It’s always a great way to stay active and have fun!

Marie and Doreen indulged in a friendly game of Rummy, showcasing their strategic skills and camaraderie.

A magical visit from David left us all in awe of his incredible tricks and illusions. We were spellbound by his talents!

Pam shared her knitting expertise, teaching us the art of creating warm and cosy knitted items. It was a lovely afternoon of creativity and learning.

We celebrated the happiest of birthdays for our beloved Joan. Her smile lit up the room as we surprised her with a birthday celebration.

The excitement continued with a thrilling game of BINGO! Our residents not only enjoy the game but also relish the thrill of winning prizes.

Flower arranging brought out our artistic sides, filling the dining room with the vibrant colours of freshly arranged blooms.

To exercise our minds, we played the ‘Words in a Word’ game, challenging our vocabulary and having a blast.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this week’s joy and shared experiences. Let’s look forward to another week of wonderful moments at Oakland Court!

Posted Saturday 23rd September 2023

Oakland Grange Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s been another week of smiles & shared experiences at Oakland Grange. Here’s a glimpse of the highlights:

Darlene embarked on a lovely local stroll after lunch, even catching a glimpse of a lively bowls game. The glorious day provided the perfect backdrop for outdoor exploration.

We embarked on a culinary adventure with our “Around the World, Taste the Difference” lunch. Our first stop was Dover, and what better way to start than with Fish and Chips for all! Our chef’s creative twist made it a truly memorable meal.

Jeanette brought fun and laughter to our afternoon with her delightful music. Her tunes resonated through our hearts, filling the day with joy.

We welcomed the Parkside Evangelical Church for a heartfelt September harvest service, coming together in gratitude and reflection.

Roald Dahl took centre stage as we delved into his life and creations during a morning session. The garden and a few rounds of bingo added to the enjoyment of our day.

Thank you to all our residents, staff, and everyone involved for making this week at Oakland Grange so special.

Posted: Saturday 16th September 2023

Oakland Court Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s been a week of celebration and music that warmed our hearts at Oakland Court. Here’s a brief look at the highlights:

We started the week by extending our warmest birthday wishes to our beloved Marie. It’s always a joy to celebrate with you!

On Thursday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Janette, whose music filled the air with delight. It was a lovely turnout, and her melodies were the perfect accompaniment to our day.

Nathan’s visit was met with another great turnout. The residents absolutely adore Nathan, and his performances are eagerly anticipated. His music never fails to create an atmosphere of joy and togetherness.

Thank you to everyone who made last week at Oakland Court so special. Here’s to more celebrations and music in the weeks ahead!

Posted: Saturday 16th September 2023

Celebrating Excellence: Kim Maw, Chris Barnes, and Kevin Humphrys shine at the Social Care Leadership Awards

We are thrilled to share some remarkable news from Oakland Care Group! Our exceptional team members have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to the social care sector at this year’s Social Care Leadership Awards. Join us in celebrating their well-deserved achievements:

Kevin Humphrys: Shortlisted for Social Care Top 30 Leaders Award

Our CEO, Kevin Humphrys, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Social Care Top 30 Leaders award. This recognition places Kevin among some of the most esteemed names in the sector. Kevin is celebrated for:

  • Driving Transformational Changes
  • Innovative Leadership and Technologies
  • Commitment to Operational Excellence and Quality of Life

Kevin’s visionary leadership has positioned Oakland Care Group at the forefront of best practices in social care. Let’s celebrate his success so far and wish him the very best of luck in this prestigious competition.


Kim Maw: Finalist for Innovation in Social Care Leader Award

We are delighted to announce that Kim Maw, Registered Manager of Oakland Grange, has been named as a finalist for the Innovation in the Social Care Leader awards. Kim is celebrated for her:

  • Person-Centred Approach
  • Commitment to Creating a Stimulating Home Environment
  • Dedication to Staff Well-being and Development

Kim’s visionary leadership, empathy, and creativity have redefined the delivery of care, positively impacting residents, staff, and family members at Oakland Grange.


Chris Barnes: Finalist for Care Home Leader (Small) Award

We are equally excited to share that Chris Barnes, Registered Manager of Oakland Court, is a finalist for the Care Home Leader (Small) award. Chris is known for her:

  • Dedication to Resident Care and Staff Well-being
  • Exceptional Leadership in Challenging Times
  • Talent Recruitment and Retention Initiatives

Chris has transformed Oakland Court into a model of excellence within the care home industry.

Kim’s visionary leadership, empathy, and creativity have redefined the delivery of care, positively impacting residents, staff, and family members at Oakland Grange.

She fosters a culture of support, empowerment, and excellence. Please join us in congratulating Kim on this remarkable achievement!


Her commitment to nurturing a high-quality, person-centred care environment has yielded exceptional results. We are immensely proud of Chris’s well-deserved nomination. Please join us in congratulating her!

Thank you for being a part of our journey to excellence in social care. We are grateful for your continued support and encouragement. Together, we are making a meaningful difference in the lives of our residents and staff.

Posted: Monday 11th September 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up at Oakland Grange!

Another eventful week has unfolded at Oakland Grange, filled with diverse activities and the joy of shared experiences. Here’s a recap of our week:

Monday kicked off with a burst of energy as residents enjoyed an invigorating morning of exercise and stretches led by our own Debbie. In the afternoon, the garden provided the backdrop for a September-themed quiz that challenged minds and brought smiles.

Tuesday brought out the inner florists in our residents. They crafted beautiful flower arrangements in the morning to adorn our dining room, adding a touch of natural elegance to our surroundings. In the afternoon, the talented Leila serenaded us with her songs, and some residents even joined in for delightful duets.

Wednesday was an afternoon of creativity and art appreciation. We coloured our own interpretations of an impression by Wassily Kandinsky.

Thursday brought the joy of the outdoors as a few residents ventured out for a lovely walk in the local area. The perfect weather made this outing even more delightful.

Friday was a day of remembrance as we honoured the memory of the Queen with a fact sheet and a moment of silence. In the afternoon, we raised our voices in a sing-along led by the fantastic Nathan. Some residents chose to soak up the sun in the garden, making the most of the beautiful weather.

Saturday was all about relaxation, with residents enjoying ice lollies and a refreshing dip in the pool.

Thank you to all our residents, staff, and everyone involved for making this week at Oakland Grange so rich with experiences and connections.

Posted: Saturday 9th September 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up at Oakland Court!

Last week at Oakland Court was filled with delightful outings, music that warmed our hearts, and creative expressions. Here’s a glimpse of the highlights:

A lovely day out to Chichester Cathedral allowed us to bask in history and beauty. A delicious lunch at Cloisters, followed by a leisurely wander around the Cathedral grounds. The sun smiled upon us that day, making it a perfect outing!

The week began with the sweet melodies of Janette. Her performance on this sunny morning was an absolute treat, and the residents adore her!

June started Friday on a creative note, painting in the dining room. What a lovely way to kick off the day, indulging in artistic expression and igniting our imagination!

Thank you to all our residents, staff, and everyone involved for making last week at Oakland Court so memorable.

Let’s look forward to more wonderful adventures in the days ahead!

Posted: Saturday 9th September 2023

Fun-Filled Weekly Wrap-Up at Oakland Grange!

What an absolutely fantastic week, last week we’ve had at Oakland Grange, filled with celebrations, laughter, and lively activities! Here’s a peek at all the highlights:

First and foremost, we gathered to wish our wonderful Jenny a very happy birthday!

The week started off with a bang as residents engaged their minds with a fun quiz, followed by a group sing-along that filled our hearts with music and joy!

Debbie led us through a morning of invigorating exercise and stretches, keeping our bodies active and our spirits high.

A September-themed quiz in the garden brought an afternoon of fresh air, friendly competition.

Posted: Saturday 2nd September 2023

Oakland Court Weekly Wrap-Up: A Burst of Artistic Brilliance!

This week, Violet, June, and Marie ignited their inner artists, painting whatever inspired them. Their canvases reflect their unique creativity. Check out these remarkable pieces, capturing moments of joy and inspiration.

While we’ve been having a blast, we’re limited on photos this week. But the art we’ve created is forever etched in our hearts. Thanks to everyone for a week filled with artistic joy. Let’s look forward to more creative adventures!

Posted: Saturday 2nd September 2023


We are thrilled to announce that our CEO and two of our Care Home Managers have been recognised in the prestigious Care Home Professional Power List 2023.

Kevin Humphrys was included in the Executive Management category, acknowledging his devoted leadership of our Group. His steadfast dedication to resident wellbeing drives our mission daily.

Kim Maw (Registered Manager of Oakland Grange) and Chris Barnes (Registered Manager of Oakland Court) feature in the Innovators in Care category for continually pioneering new approaches. Their creativity enriches life for those in our care. Receiving these accolades alongside such esteemed peers honours the quality care we provide across both homes, and celebrates the compassion shown by our entire teams.

We are incredibly proud of Kevin, Kim, and Chris for gaining this industry-wide distinction. Their achievements reflect the dedication with which we serve residents, families, and staff every day. We remain committed to championing best practice and standards of care. Our focus remains on creating caring homes where people thrive.

We congratulate them for this prestigious recognition and thank them for their leadership in enhancing lives through care. They wish to express their most grateful thanks for the unwavering support of the team members in both homes.

Posted: 16th August 2023

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