Cyber Crime and Online Security Notice

Protecting Our Community at Oakland Care Group

At Oakland Care Group, the safety and well-being of our residents and their families are paramount. Just as we provide luxury residential care with a commitment to comfort and quality, we also prioritise the security of our community’s personal and financial information. In the digital age, this means being ever-vigilant about cybercrime.

Understanding the Threat:

Cyber criminals often use deceptive methods to gain unauthorised access to sensitive data or to trick individuals into transferring funds. These methods can include phishing emails, fraudulent websites, or even impersonating trusted individuals over the phone.

Our Preventative Measures:

  • Communication Verification: Communications from Oakland Care Group regarding financial transactions or personal information will always follow established and secure protocols. If you receive an unexpected request, particularly one involving financial information or payments, please verify it directly with us.
  • Secure Transactions: We will never change our bank details or provide new payment instructions without a secure and verifiable process. Always use the bank details you have on record, and do not trust changes requested via email or unsolicited phone calls.
  • Staff Vigilance: Our staff are trained to recognise and respond to fraudulent activity. We maintain a culture of security awareness to ensure that your information remains safe.

If You Encounter Suspicious Activity:

  • Contact Us Immediately: If you receive any communication that raises concern or appears to be from Oakland Care Group but seems suspicious, please contact us without delay. Use the trusted contact details listed below or on our official website:
  • Stay Informed: We advise our residents, their families, and our staff to stay informed about the latest cyber security threats. Awareness is the first step to prevention.
  • Report Any Incidents: If you suspect you have been a target of cybercrime related to our services, report it to us and the appropriate authorities as soon as possible.

Contact Information:

We are committed to ensuring that Oakland Care Group remains a secure and trusted environment for all. Thank you for your continued vigilance and cooperation.

Please note that this notice is an integral part of our ongoing efforts to maintain transparency and protect our community against cybercrime. It may be updated periodically to reflect the latest security practices and protocols.